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About Us

EPN Consulting Research and Innovation Ltd. was established in Dublin (Ireland) in February 2022 by Dr Ing Stefano Mainero who, previously in 2009, founded EPN Consulting Ltd. in London (UK).

The Dublin-based company carries out Research & Innovation activities on Climate Change Adaptation and Resilience, Sustainability & Circular Economy, Smart & Sustainable Transport in Smart Cities, thanks to an international team of high-level professionals boasting decades of experience and a network of 3,000+ professional contacts in Europe.

Besides, EPN Consulting R&I provides advice to professional clients (SMEs, Start-Ups, large organisations, Local & National Authorities as well as Universities) on how to convert innovative ideas into EU-funded projects and help them manage projects once approved for funding.

Last but not least, EPN Consulting R&I designs customised training sessions to enhance and promote knowledge transfer across organisations' units and departments.

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EPN Consulting Research and Innovation aims to meet the following UN SDGs

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EU Affairs

We continuously monitor the European Commission activity and take note of new EC Directive freshly published or going to be published. A "Directive" is a legislative act that sets out a goal that all EU countries must achieve. Additional EC instruments are: “Decisions”, “Recommendations”, and “Opinions”

The European Commission has strategic visions that are usually published in Strategic Agendas. The latest one covers the 2019-2024 period and inlcudes the EU Green Deal. Finding and reading these documents is also part of our monitoring job

In European Union there are tens of policies governing several areas from Agriculture to Climate Action and Competition. During our monitoring job we get aware of new policies being discussed or approved in several fields.

There are plenty of funding schemes issued by the European Union through the European Commission and other bodies. There are direct funds (the successful applicant receives money directly from the EU) and indirect funds (money is transferred to public bodies who publicise call for proposals/tenders and the successful applicant to this call receives the money). We get an overview of many schemes but we focus on direct funding schemes.