According to the European Commission SMEs include companies up to 249 Full-Time equivalent employees, up to €50 million of annual turnover, up to €43 million of balance sheets and no more cannot be owned more than 25% by large organisations. Being and SME ourselves, we well know these Clients need and miss and we dedicate special effort to make the grow and expand also abroad.


Start-Ups are a subsystem SME. At the beginning of their venture, they are often micro-enterprises with little money but plenty of brilliant and innovative ideas. We have specific programmes for them that allow to keep consultancy costs low.


In our professional network there are many universities contacts. We love working with them, in particular for R&I activities, as they explore fields that often industries cannot even dream of in their day-to-day operation.


Similarly with Universities, we look forward to set up fruitful collaboration with them either be in universities or in large organisations.

Research Centres

Our team is knowledgeable of working with local and national authorities in several countries with particular attention to sustainable transport, intelligent mobility, behavioural change and social acceptance of innovation introduced.

Local & National Authorities

Our team has been working on EU affairs and EU-funded projects for decades so we are well aware of several EU Directives the EU Green Deal and all strategic guidelines for a Net-Zero future. In particular, the company CEO has been one of the European Commission’s evaluators since early 2000s and knows the stringent rules that projects have to comply with to be successful.

European Commission