Our Values


We don’t like pay gender gaps as primarily an employee/collaborator is an individual, a person, no matter the gender. We don’t accept any sort of bribery - offered or received - to shortcut certain procedures: competitions must be fair either at commercial or personal level. We don’t tolerate any kind of violence. We ensure that our employees / collaborators adhere to the strictest rules of ethical principles.


We believe in transparency with clients, providers, colleagues, and friends. We like to be honestly straight when assessing project ideas and tell clients there wouldn’t have many chances of success if we see little. We don’t generate false illusions in clients just to get work. As a matter of fact, we prefer to turn down a business opportunity if we don’t believe in it.


We like to be accountable for what we do personally and professionally. We don’t hide when something goes wrong but, in fact, we investigate and analyse the reason(s) why it went wrong, learn from it, and avoid being wrong the next time. Life is a continuous learning process from which we can improve ourselves and our expertise.


We firmly believe in making the world a better place to live. We don’t only work on sustainability projects, we also behave accordingly. That’s why we prefer travelling by public transport whenever possible, we prefer conference calls to save CO2 emissions, we avoid printing documents to save forests and, last but not least, we take care of sustainable actions when travelling and staying in hotels such as switching off lights and saving water sources

International Team Work

Our team is scattered across Europe and everyone speaks English and at least another foreign language. We love the intercultural approach of an international team that brings in brilliant ideas generated by open minds and lateral thinking. This will contribute to improve the quality of our intellectual outputs