Automated Mobility in Europe: where are we now?

1 minute read / April 17, 2024

Automation in road transport is at the forefront of the European Commission’s agenda, aligning with key policy objectives such as the greening and digitalisation of the transport sector. Cooperative, Connected, and Automated Mobility (CCAM) plays a central role in this transition, promising safer and more inclusive road transportation, while enhancing the competitiveness of European industries.

The European Commission, through Horizon Europe, invests EUR 500 million in a public-private partnership on CCAM, which has been topped up by the private members by the same amount. Since 2021, EUR 159 million have been invested in Research and Innovation (R&I) activities to support 19 European projects to deliver on CCAM.


This SWD (Staff Working Document) presents a unified European vision that enables a progressive and seamless transition to CCAM, from research to widespread deployment, towards a multimodal, shared, sustainable, inclusive, affordable and safe transport sector. Several R&I success stories are highlighted throughout, demonstrating the impact of EU investment in CCAM, with a total of EUR 1 billion allocated for the duration of Horizon Europe.

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