Expert Group on Urban Mobility adopts new recommendations for shared mobility and public transport

1 minute read / July 8, 2024

The Expert Group on Urban Mobility (EGUM), launched by the European Commission, has announced two new sets of recommendations: one is aimed at facilitating the use of public transport and shared mobility, and another is on the use of the Social Climate Fund. The recommendations address policy, infrastructure, funding, and integration of transport data, with the aim of supporting the overall goal to decarbonise and democratise mobility for all.

In the first set of recommendations, the EGUM outlines that car dependence, originating from urban sprawl, is maintained today by a lack of affordable and/or convenient alternatives. To tackle this problem, they recommend a strategy which increases shared mobility services available. Their insights point to the great potential of shared mobility in everyday journeys across urban, suburban and rural areas. However, they specifically recommend that it is complemented with public transport in order to provide a viable and effective alternative to the private car.

The EGUM highlights that implementing such recommendations will bring about certain challenges.

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