Horizon Europe strategic plan 2025-2027 for R&I to underpin journey to a green, digital and resilient future

1 minute read / March 21, 2024

On 20 March 2024  the Commission has adopted the second strategic plan for Horizon Europe. The plan, announced at the flagship Research and Innovation Days, sets out three key strategic orientations for EU’s Research and Innovation funding for the last three years of the programme (2025-2027):

  • Green transition;
  • Digital transition;
  • A more resilient, competitive, inclusive, and democratic Europe.

These orientations aim to address key global challenges such as climate change, loss of biodiversity, the digital transition and an ageing population.

Open strategic autonomy and securing Europe’s leading role in developing and deploying critical technologies are overarching principles that apply across all three key strategic orientations.

The strategic plan raises the ambition of Horizon Europe on biodiversity and commits to a target of 10% of the Horizon Europe’s total budget for 2025-2027 dedicated to biodiversity-related topics. This new commitment complements existing targets for climate expenditure (35% over the lifetime of Horizon Europe) and main digital activities (€13 billion over the same period).

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