Italy and Spain experienced some of the world’s most costly climate disasters in 2023

1 minute read / December 29, 2023

The world’s costliest climate disasters in 2023 predominantly hit poor countries, according to a new report. The study by international charity Christian Aid found that catastrophic floods and wildfires had more economic impact in places with less resilient homes and little means to rebuild. The findings reveal a “global postcode lottery stacked against the poor,” the charity says.

The organisation is calling on world leaders to commit more to climate finance and increase investment in early warning and early action.

A ‘global postcode lottery’

The report by Christian Aid lists the 20 costliest climate disasters around the world per capita, which have killed and displaced millions of people.

The study found that the relative economic impact of floodscyclones and droughts varies considerably across countries.

The charity found the highest per capita cost of natural disasters was the wildfires which affected Hawaii in August – an average of over $4,000 (€3,600) per person.

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