European Start-ups: EIC Accelerator Introduces a Fresh Application Platform

2 minute read / July 6, 2023

European start-ups return with renewed vigour as the European Innovation Council (EIC) Accelerator unveils a revamped submission platform. Overcoming challenges caused by contractual disputes and technical glitches, the EIC’s new approach breathes life into the start-up scene, promising an exciting journey for aspiring entrepreneurs.

For a month, start-ups faced a setback when the EIC Accelerator’s previous submission platform abruptly shut down due to contractual disputes. However, this obstacle fueled the EIC’s determination to reimagine the application process and create a new platform.

The EIC chose an innovative path by developing a dedicated platform for the initial application stage, Step 1. Start-ups now submit a brief form, a compelling slide deck, and an engaging video pitch. This fresh approach allows each applicant to showcase their uniqueness without constraints.

Step 1 resides on the EIC’s new platform, while Step 2 transitions to the EU’s funding and tenders opportunities portal. Although this required adapting application forms to fit the traditional grant proposal format, the EIC aims to streamline the process and foster innovation.

The previous platform faced criticism for technical issues, complex forms, and the need for integration. A contractual dispute with its developer, The Innovation Loop, remains unresolved, contributing to its discontinuation. However, the EIC’s resilience and determination inspire the start-up community.

With the new platform, start-ups can once again pursue EIC Accelerator funding. The evaluation of Step 1 applications concludes within four weeks, granting successful applicants one year to prepare their Step 2 proposals. The upcoming cut-off date is on October 4th, 2023.

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