Local Alliance urges EU to stay the course on Green Deal implementation

1 minute read / April 16, 2024

Eight leading networks of European cities and regions – ACR+, CEMR, Climate Alliance, Energy Cities, Eurocities, FEDARENE, ICLEI Europe and POLIS – have come together to form the Local Alliance.

In a joint letter, the Alliance calls on EU leaders to find new ways to effectively roll out the European Green Deal at local level. The EU must “stay the course on the European Green Deal under this and the next mandate of the European Commission”, the networks have stated.

Recent challenges, such as the passage of the Nature Restoration Law, which still languishes with the European Council, or the last-minute setbacks suffered by the internal combustion engine phase out, are undermining the Green Deal’s objectives. As the European elections approach, the EU must ensure it remains a global beacon for climate leadership.

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