Would you like to receive the EPN Consulting R&I Newsletter?

1 minute read / May 12, 2023

EPN Consulting Research and Innovation is going to launch its own monthly newsletter in the next weeks. The newsletter will include news and events on the company activities, EU initiatives, EU funding schemes, R&I activities and more happening in Dublin, Ireland and the EU.

Our CEO Stefano Mainero will be the Data Protection Officer, so no worries about keeping your email addresses and data securely stored.

For those who already receive the newsletter of the London-based EPN Consulting Newsletter and are happy to have their data, currently stored on encoded EPN Consulting systems and databases (inc. third-party ones), copied on EPN Consulting Research and Innovation systems and databases (inc. third-party ones) to receive the brand-new newsletter, there is nothing to do: you will start receiving the EPN Consulting R&I newsletter soon.

If you are not happy, please inform us by the 19th May 2023 by email on info@epnconsultingresearch.eu  and you will not be included in the EPN Consulting R&I database and will never receive further communications from the Dublin-based company.

If you don’t receive any newsletter and would like to receive the EPN Consulting R&I Newsletter, please register here.

Thank you!